Tom Glaser, Licensed Psychologist Provides Counseling and Therapy in Minneapolis, MN

Licensed Psychologist Tom Glaser discusses how he helps clients.

Tom helps clients in five key ways:

First and foremost, Tom listens deeply and actively.

Tom strives to fully understand what troubles you--and your strengths.

Tom supports you through the changes you want to make by:

  • Helping define your therapy goals
  • Giving pointers and feedback to keep you on track
  • Celebrating successes

Yes, and Wow.‎‎ "Tom is a light in the dark and an empowering resource.  I had never been more satisfied by conversation than when talking with him.  When I met Tom, I had relocated some 600 miles away from the people, places, and things I thought defined who I was.  In my new surroundings, I was incessantly bombarded--a word that truly resonated with me--by grief and worry.  It is because Tom listened exceedingly attentively, and helped me identify which things I spoke about that made me respond with physical distress and which things allowed me to smile that I began to turn my life around.   And it was because he offered continued, engaged support throughout that helped me stay focused in the Present, rather than the hysteria of the past.  I adored my time with Tom and left feeling refreshed and ambitious about taking the next step."       ~a former client

Life Changing
As you experiment with new behaviors, Tom helps with three critical tasks:

  • Reducing unhelpful behaviors and thoughts
  • Increasing helpful thoughts and behaviors
  • Expressing and releasing blocked feelings

Tom's active listening, wisdom, and humor help you achieve your goals and reach your highest potential.